Moving Biz Forward Training Programs

Training for a safer, more efficient business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Available Programs

** Employer will not be required to pay tuition costs.

** Due to specific CARES Act requirements, only for-profit businesses are eligible

COVID-19 Cleaning Course

This course is a 4-hour, noncredit webinar delivered on one day and is designed to prepare local businesses on the best preventative practices for COVID-19. Highlights from local experts are included with demonstrations of proper techniques. The course includes a description of COVID-19, preventative measures for the spread of COVID, and proper cleaning procedures. Individuals may download and print supplied PDF files to display at their worksite. Additional links are presented at the end for more detailed information. Additional courses can be customized to provide training for a specific industry. Successful completion of this program will provide each individual with a certificate of completion.

Remote Worker Certification Program

This two-part webinar provides the participants with the tools they need to successfully transition to working remotely. Topics covered include technology toolbox, creating a safe and secure work environment, managing work and home boundaries and routines, and effective remote communication and collaboration. If needed, the content could be customized for a single employer to adhere to specific policies and technology. Each webinar is 1.5 hours.

Remote Leadership Program

This 2-hour webinar is intended to build on the concepts covered in the Remote Worker Certification. Topics covered include building blocks of a remote worker policy, maintaining trust and engagement with remote workers and aligning expectations with team members.

In Partnership with Marion Technical College & College of Central Florida

Both Marion Technical College and the College of Central Florida will be coordinating on this program.

Application Process

  • All of the application process will be completed online
  • Requests will be evaluated by a Review Committee

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